Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, our application is compatible with all m3u or m3u plus playlists.
Furthermore, from the January 2021 version it is also possible to load the more complex playlists that have the “EXTGRP” node.

Yes. Xtream Codes playlists are 100% compatible with our app.

Many times providers insert particular characters in their playlists, for example characters whose map did not exist at the time of publication or update of the app.
But don’t worry, email us at and we will fix this immediately.

No. The iOS application is the only one that contains some free channels. However, these channels are sometimes not working or not famous. The free channels are inserted to show the user the functionality of the app.

Loading playlists via m3u or Xtream Codes sometimes does not contain the information necessary to identify the channel. There is a special node in the playlists that allows you to uniquely identify the channel and provide the electronic guide. However, IP Television tries to offer the guide even to channels that are not fully compatible, trying to find information that makes a match between the language of your device and the name of the channel. Gorgeous true 🙃

In the playlist list view, you can swipe your finger from right to left or vice versa to get all the options you need.

IP Television was the first application in the world to integrate streaming of IPTV playlists to Chromecast devices. However, we support the original ones from Google, not having the possibility to test every device in the world.
To check if your device is compatible with the Chromecast function, when you are in the player view you will see an icon with the Chromecast symbol at the bottom left. If you don’t see that icon, the device is not compatible.

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